About Keeyaa Corporate Services

Keeyaa Corporate Services Turkiye, is a company incorporated in Turkey on 23 December 2015 as a business development and trade agency. Since then, it has evolved to meet the needs of varied organizations by providing affordable business solutions and serving as a full business development and trade representing firm. Our registered No. MM2H 0075. We have become a leader in business development services and solutions in Turkey because of multiple success in our services to our local and international clients. We have also extended our activities to Southern Turkey as well. We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. Over a short period of time, we’ve built a firm uniquely equipped to this task.

Everything is Here Only.

We have won several contracts for our local and international clients and with our professional assistance and expertise provided them opportunities of business exploits in Turkey. Our clients have established their presence in our markets through varied unlimited opportunities made possible by our various service options. We have maintained our reputation and position as a leading firm in tender bids with our many years of experience in this field and real focus on our clients’ satisfaction. Our consulting services focus on strategic planning, tactical execution and magical results. We are a proud and happy company of 12 employees, providing a world class services to our clients.

What We Do

We believe that success comes from cooperation. We put all our company resources at the service of our clients and partners, from our office facilities, experience and network of experts, to our knowledge, energy and the innovative spirit of our people. We take pride – individually and collectively – in the quality of our work, the advanced processes we use, the services we provide, and in the recognized and validated efficacy of our continuous improvement program. We take pride in meeting selected clients needs ahead of our competition. We take pride in achieving and sustaining levels of financial returns as a measure, beyond the numbers, of the value our clients agree we create. As an accredited government agency, we are committed to providing our clients with an unrivaled level of service. As our mission statement confirms, we are dedicated to successful all round business solutions. We consistently hit the mark in our tender efforts because we dedicate the resources to understand and appreciate our client's requirements as well as those needed to provide positive result. We also validate every past tender activities through a rigorous documentation process that ensures that we only work with quality requirements and quality partners ensuring that all parties involved in the process are working towards the same conclusion. All of our teams are committed to providing a comprehensive, effective agency services and are able to cope with every tender need as we help create employment opportunities. Whether we are participating in national or international tenders, we always maintain the same regard for confidentiality and quality of service, and our goal to exceed your expectations.

What People Say about us

Anderson L. St. Louis, MO .

Keeyaa Corporate Services is more than a business representative. We had our brand introduced by them through a government tender process in Turkey. It was an experience we’ve never had and they made it seem so magical. Right Now we have also been announced in every other nation where they are present. Making our expansion in these areas easier for us. [ ... ]

Harrison Hoque HR Manager, Globatech Systems .

We needed to penetrate the Turkey Market but did not succeed. We tried 4 agencies before finally trusting the job to Keeyaa Corporate Services through a tender proposal. It seemed so simple but that was expertise at work. Keeyaa Corporate Services did a tremendous job in the shortest time unimaginable. Now we have our products in more than one countries we bargained for. You guys work really hard & efficiently to make a great quoting & enrollment experience!. - [ ... ]

Bob & Joan Salt Lake City, UT .

When we decided to take our business to the next level with our own custom formulas and brands, we could not find better contact until we were introduced by Keeyaa Corporate Services through a tender process. It was a venture we can always speak about every moment. You do a super job! We’re very pleased to work with you. - [ ... ]

Judy Vargas (CEO),Spotlight Hardwares, Chicago .

I sincerely thank Keeyaa Corporate Services for taking care of our Turkey expansion through MOT/44/12 tender. When you have trusted and experienced people representing you in a tender, it becomes easier for you to concentrate on core winning strategies. We look forward to a long association. - [ ... ]

Our Culture

Mutual Respect

We create a respectful environment built on trust.

Effective Communication

We value open, honest and clear communication— up, down and sideways.

Great Leadership

Our people lead the way with integrity and by personal example.


We are dedicated to our business, our people and our partners.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We feel and act like the company is ours and make better decisions because of it.

Honorable and Noble

We do what we say always striving to do the right thing.

Innovative Thinking

We are pioneers always seeking to lead our industry.


Working together is at the heart of our business.


We set high standards and accept only our best effort.