What We Do

They always ask us, “What is it that you do exactly?” We tell them, humbly and yet truthfully: we do amazing things. We facilitate business development, we provide consumer research, we are trade agents and tender representatives. We help solve big challenges. We are commission agents because we earn a negotiated commission from our partners. We are on a mission to enable superior returns on our clients’ business development investments here through our expertise and unimaginable strategies. Our ideas anchored in trends and strategic foresight to unlock new opportunities and to deliver a robust, future-proofed road map for our clients’ growth. The difference about our approach is that we are an agency who realize that business development isn’t just about getting things done, but about thinking about the future and having strong insights. Our constant participation in tender bids here challenge and build our strategic thinking, inspire creativity, and deliver commercial solutions. Our focus on anticipating how the market will evolve enables us to identify genuine white-space opportunities.

Business Strategies

We take a broad perspective, looking beyond consumer and category insights to explore a wider range of potential influences. We create a future-proofed innovation strategy, enabling you to prioritize sustainable opportunities for growth.

Value and Innovation

At Keeyaa Corporate Services Turkiye... these two concepts are the cornerstones of our business. To us, value is more than just price. At its heart, value is about service. It is doing whatever we can to deliver the best solution to you, our partner, in an unimaginable short time and at lowest cost.

Our Value Services division makes your life as a formulator or manufacturer easier, by assisting you through every step of the product development process that target our market. In the same vein, we believe innovation is more than just imagination. To be useful, innovation needs to be tangible. It is the conversion of a great idea into a useful product that satisfies a specific need.

Our Innovation Products division delivers technical solutions for your particular needs. Welcome to Keeyaa Corporate Services Turkiye... We want to expose our market to you through our outstanding incomparable solutions. Our scope of work involves dealing with the followings institution such as The Immigration Department of Turkey, Foreign Relation and Business development, Tax Agents, Tender Agents/ Representatives, lawyers and company secretaries (ROC).